A little bit about me

I'm Nicole!
Im passionate about designing interactions


I am

a UX designer with a background in Computer Science.

My path into UX design began in 2020. During my first semester at university, I was working towards a BSc in Computer Science, I took 4 computer related subjects and Human Computer Interaction was one of the subjects which made the biggest impact in my life. As I learnt more about HCI, I was so curious about what are the career options out there. I started exploring further into the field and then I discovered UX Design. From that point on, I made it my goal to become a UX/UI Designer. I spent several months researching courses across the internet. After this extended research, I decided to take a gap year in university and pursue UX Design at Career Foundry bootcamp.

Having my two main interests, Computer science and Design, made me realise UX was the career for me. With a background in Computer Science, I believe it is important to understand the basics of how websites and apps work under the hood. Before diving into UX, I have spent some time on making websites which helped me to gain valuable skills in programming. I have a desire to understand how things work, and a love for problem solving through design thinking. My goal is to develop a product that would really help people accomplish their goals in a meaningful and efficient way.

Other things I enjoy


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